Saturday Training 8-15-09 “Trek Loops”

Aloha Athletes !

With "The Tantalus Triple Trek" only 3 weeks from this Saturday, it's time to get familiar with the Triple Trek course. For the newbies, it will be the perfect opportunity to experience the course. For the rest of us, we can say "hi" to our old buddies, "roots and rocks". Plan to be at the Hawaii Nature Center  at 6:00 am. The course is approx. 10 miles, so try to do a couple of loops. There's a water fountain at the Nature Center. You have a couple of options for parking: a) The lower parking lot down by the entrance to the Nature Center (just off Makiki Heights Rd.) and further away, but more secure…b) on Makiki Heights Rd., down by the pumping station. See ya at 6:00 am.  Don