Surgery It Is, What a Bummer *UPDATE*

Well I went to the orthopedist at the VA and he is now sending me to the orthopedic surgeon at Tripler to have surgery.  I asked him if I could run HURT 100 and he said that I could do permanent damage.  He also said that the injury is probably going to be chronic and that I might not have many years left running like I do.  He said to take up swimming (I think he was trying to lighten up the mood).  The surgeon is supposed to call me within a week to schedule an appointment.  I also have some floating cartilage.  I have had surgery on the same knee before and reinjured it a few times in  the army.  So I have a service connected disability percentage on it and that might bump me up to the front of the line for surgery.  On a lighter note I will still be out at HURT to use my volunteering capabilities and seeing all you run.  I am really bummed that I worked my butt off all year for HURT '09 and it was going to be my year then I stubbornly pushed through the pain that I felt in my knee and kept running.  Live and Learn.  I am already planning on my next 100 mile attempt next September, Angeles Crest 100;)  Guess I really didn't "learn".  Thanks everyone for their concern now I am going to call PJ to let her know and then it might really sink in.  Jah Bless.  See you at the Aid Stations.  Devon.