Vi’s Adventure Trek and Run

This is a follow up to our post for Vi’s Adventure Trek and Run. I have a
short list of about 7 volunteers for the event, and although there are a few
more of you that verbally told me you wanted to help, you may not have made it
to the volunteer list. I would appreciate it if any volunteers would e-mail me
at, and give me your
contact info (phones, e-mail, etc). John and I will be out of town from 9/19
through 10/6- when we return, I’ll give everyone a call to talk about race
duties. They will be easy, and we’ll all have a lot of fun at Kualoa. 
REMINDER! The deadline for entry in Vi’s Adventure Trek is this Thursday,
the 18th. Be sure to mail your app before that.

Click here for the application.

Thanks everybody!!