So, Curious Minds Want to Know–Are you going to Peacock Saturday?

This race-pace training run up on the N. Shore at Peacock has generated some interest and discussion. Who would have thought so many people would be willing to give up shopping at Ala Moana on a Saturday in December to go run 50 miles? Apparently quite a few people. The only other explanation is these people must not have Warrior football tickets?

In all seriousness, the organizers of this training run would like a headcount (approximate) of how many people to expect on Saturday. If you are going, please contact Don or Cheryl or post a comment to this post so they know. Don can be reached via or Cheryl at

If you are entered in the H.U.R.T. 100 in January, this will be an important day to get in 50 miles.

Be smart and use this run to dial in your nutrition, electrolytes, hydration, and lighting for January. By now, those things should all be pretty set, however this day–given the mileage and time on your feet will be a great test.

Aloha, Bob
P.S. I look forward to shopping and cheering on the Warriors (from in front of my TV) Saturday!